Ado toy chair Ko Verzuu 1945

Cool and decorative toy chair, designed by Ko Verzuu for Ado Holland in the 1940s. This is a very rare 1940s chair and has a large size. Ado means Arbeid door onvolwaardigen, translated; labor by incapacitated, which makes this an even more special piece. Toys by Ado are being highly collected at the moment, even more than ever cause this is very decorative combined with 1950s furniture from all countries! Everyone can see these toys are inspired by De Stijl and Rietveld. This looks a bit like a small Rietveld chair! Very nice colorful toys, all handmade and hand colored. This is an early toy and it’s in played condition but I think the patina makes this a very nice piece with aging to it. Would look highly decorative as this can be used in numerous positions everywhere as decoration! It is marked with the ado brand mark on the bottom! A very good future investment.