Jean Prouve Compass school desk for Ateliers Jean Prouve in 1952

Important double school desk type ‘Compass’ No.850 designed by Jean Prouve (1901-1984) for Ateliers Jean Prouve in 1952. Rectangular wooden desk top, with magazine shelve below rests on 4 bent steel feet which support the top and a tubular frame where 2 small chairs rest on. Very nice floating desk from the Compass series, this is industrial design at its best. The designs by Jean Prouve were and are being copied / remade worldwide, tells enough about how important his way of making industrial design was. This desk is completely in original condition and it’s in a very nice used condition. This is a very rare collectible piece and a true must have for an Industrial design lover/collector. Literature: Jean Prouve Complete works Vol.2 page 184-185.